“He’s a phenom. He really is. He just has amazing presence and delivery and a beautiful voice.”

Donald D’Haene Beat Magazine and Huffington Post Writer on Rogers TV  “Daytime” January 3, 2012

“Sometimes a singer comes along with a voice so naturally beautiful that everyone who hears it agrees, Now, that’s an amazing voice.  Liam Isaac is one of those singers. I had been trying, for a couple of years, to find the right singer for Is It Just Me?. When I played it for Liam and he said he wanted to record it I was thrilled. Thanks Liam for introducing the song to the world!”

Steven Hardy SOCAN award-winning songwriter May, 2013

“Whoa! That’s a voice!”

Sabrina Pierson Talk Show Host on Rogers TV “Daytime” January 3rd, 2012

“Any window that the sound of Liam passes through is fabulous!”

Gina Farrugia Jazz Singer and past winner of Jack Richardson and London Music Awards August 5th, 2012, Public FB Post

“You’ll be hearing about him a lot more  in the future!”

James Reaney of The London Free Press, on his Arts Videoblog, “It’s On” March, 2012

“London’s Liam Isaac has…remarkable singing pipes… and boy-next-door teen appeal.”

Bob Klanac in The Beat Magazine March, 2012

“Liam Isaac ranks as one of the most outstandingly gifted musicians and vocalists that I have had the privilege to work with in a career spanning over 30 years and four cathedrals in three countries.”

Liam’s former Choir Director, Andrew Keegan Mackriell